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The Australia-Indonesia Centre presents: Women in STEM


The Australia-Indonesia Centre presents: Women in STEM

Jul 16, 2020 01:00 PM

Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

The coronavirus pandemic has shown the vital role that science and research have in understanding the world we live in, and helping to develop sound policy and evidence-based decisions in the face of an unprecedented situation.

Gender equality is critical to improved research and application. However, on average, only 30% of the world’s researchers are women, and women are still underrepresented as both students and employees in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Join our webinar to:
– Meet women who are clearing the path and providing inspiration,
– Learn how to overcome challenges in STEM fields; and
– Understand that study in STEM is good for a career, and good for the world.

Panelists include:
– Valerina Daniel, Media & Communications Practitioner and Policy Advisor
– Prerana Mehta, Chief of Ecosystem Development @ AustCyber 
– Professor Anu Rammohan, AIC Senior Fellow and Professor of Economics @ UWA Business School
– Dr Hasnawati Saleh, PAIR Research Coordinator @ The Australia-Indonesia Centre
– Helen Brown, Head of Communications & Outreach @ The Australia-Indonesia Centre
– (Moderator) Helen Fletcher-Kennedy, COO @ The Australia-Indonesia Centre

To attend the event, please complete the required information below. We need these details in order to be able to complete your registration and communicate with you about the event. Monash University values the privacy of every individual’s personal information and is committed to the protection of that information from unauthorised use and disclosure except where permitted by law.



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