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Kampung Naga

AWN, (17/02/21) – “Those who live simply sleep more soundly.” -Anonymous-


In the world invaded by social media, TikTok, and addiction to gadgets, there are groups of people who prefer living outside the system, having no care to the outfit of the day, aesthetic photographs for the Instagram or never-ending bills. The locals of Kampung Naga in Indonesia are deep-rooted for such way of life. Situated in the area of Neglasari Village, Salawu District, Tasikmalaya Regency, West Java Province, Kampung Naga is well-known for its local wisdom and culture. Its people value the sustainable living concept as well as the ancestral traditions. Each house in that area should follow identical specifications: a stilt house made of timber and/or bamboo. As the whole house should be natural, paint is not allowed but chalk, and you would not find any other materials of roofs except palm leaves. The inhabitants of Kampung Naga have been maintaining a traditional lifestyle for years, living in close harmony with nature. They are exceptionally self-sufficient with no reliance on electricity or sophisticated technology. Well, are you ready for living this way? is this what you think of living off the grid? Many simply could not believe there is actually a way to be debt-free, an alternative to being the person in charge of your very own life.


“It’s all about sustainable living and renewable energy”, this is how Off Grid World (a website dedicated to share inspiring off the grid living experiences of people around the globe) defines the term. A simple definition. Living off the grid, however, is not as simple as its definition. It takes a strong will at the beginning since you are required to work extra to make everything properly works. Once you are in, you will completely rely on yourself since you are the key.


Moreover, from Off Grid World, there are several essential things should be well-prepared for living off the grid.

  1. Land

At this stage, you definitely still need a big amount of money to have a land of your own. This is exceptional for those who already have family land, you are lucky! A land takes important roles as the area for establishing a shelter, growing fruits and vegetables, and setting up a place for fish ponds or livestock.

  1. Shelter

As a human being, having a rooftop above your head is a must. You should have a shelter to survive winter, scorching summer, windy days, or simply to have a proper sleep. The form of your off the grid home can be varied according to your personal preference. It could be a stilt house, a cabin, a tiny house, a cob house, any shape of houses is acceptable, depending on your budget and capability to build it on your own.


  1. Water and Water Collection System

Having a natural water source is vital for living off the grid. Well, do you still remember the ultimate principle of this lifestyle? Yes, you should be able to provide your resources.  This is why establishing a home by the rivers, waterfalls, or lakes is highly recommended, yet drilling a (ring) well is also a good idea. One more tip, make sure to always have readily available barrels to collect the rainwater from your roof.


  1. Food

Food production is one of the important aspects of living off the grid. Having a sustainable food system would be truly helpful in order to have adequate food stock. Grow your fruits and vegetables! Meat and eggs can also be produced on your farm, and it is necessary to learn

how to preserve and can your food, either as food supply or for an emergency.


  1. Power Generation System

Wait! Off-the-grid means disconnected from the public utility, including access to electricity. However, you are not prohibited to generate electricity yourself by utilizing the solar panels. Just don’t forget the power storage system!

Off the grid does not always mean living primitively. Some people who live off the grid still have a high demand for computer or mobile phone due to specific reasons.


  1. Waste Disposal and Septic System

You cannot just dump your waste into a hole then run away! Building a proper septic system such as composting toilet would be just fine. You could even use your waste as fertilizer, only if you understand how to make it works, otherwise your neighbours would hate you due to its disgusting smell. 


  1. The Mindset and Will to Live Off the Grid

Deciding to live off the grid is one big step since it is more likely to change you and your life as a whole different experience. It is fun to watch people living this lifestyle (mostly on YouTube), yet it takes loads of hard work and a solid commitment.

So, are you ready?


“You are born to do so much more than pay bills and die.” -Anonymous-(awn/ftr)


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